Little Girl Gives Her Full Meal to a Homeless Man in Heartwarming Video


Eddie Scott is a proud dad, and it’s not because his daughter scored a objective, got an A in school, or just for being his kid. No, Scott is a proud dad because he just look oned his young daughter, Ella, learn a very important life maxim through an act of kindness toward a homeless man.

Scott captured a video of Ella in a restaurant, and as the camera rather commences to roll, you hear her ask, “Can I just give it to him?” After a “go ahead” from dad, the narrow-minded lady sets off with her full plate of steak and potatoes — executed with knife and fork — and walks it outside the restaurant to the bench the vagabonds man is sitting on.

While Ella briefly interacts with the man, who looks in awe of her comely act, Scott speaks off camera about his baby girl. “That’s my bird right here; I love her to bits,” he says as she walks back to her tail. “Ella, you’re amazing. I think you just made his day. I think you just revealed his week.”

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