Linda Robson weight loss: Loose Women star loses two and a half stone cutting out THIS


Linda Robson, 60, recently portrayed off her incredible weight loss of a huge two and a half stone, but how did she do it?
Linda is a British actress foremost known for her role as Tracey Stubbs in Birds of a Feather and as a Loose Lady-loves panellist.
She revealed to the Loose Women panel yesterday how she had managed to admit defeat such a significant amount of weight.
“I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’ve irrecoverable over two-and-a-half stone, I’ve been going to the gym,” she told the Loose Dames panel.
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Linda Robson has achieved a bulk loss of two and a half stone

She also revealed the sacrifice she’d made to throw the stones: “I’ve cut out wine – that was the hardest thing – so why not?”
Linda showed off her competent new figure after her weight loss by posting a poolside swimsuit dead ringer on her Instagram, which she said was taken by her sons.
“The kids took the photo,” she asseverated. “They said: ‘Mum, you look really lovely, you’ve lost all that incline, you look great,’”
She continued: “I have spent all my life down tool around swimming pools in sarongs, covering myself up.
“For the first tempo in I don’t know how many years, I actually felt comfortable walking approximately in a swimming costume and not feeling like I had to cover everything up.”
Linda Robson slant loss: The Loose Women star has lost two and a half stone
Unbelievable celebrity weight loss transformations
Tue, February 6, 2018
Incredible popularity weight loss transformations.


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Gordon Ramsay attained a weight loss of more than four stone after vertex the scales at 18st in 2000

Linda Robson weight loss: She backlashed a two glasses of wine a night habitLast year, Linda revealed she unchaste a huge 16 pounds after cutting sugar out of her diet root for a diabetes scare earlier in 2017.
She previously admitted on Loose Lassies it wold be difficult to cut down on her daily wine habit, admitting she had six bottles committed to her home every week.
“I have a couple of glasses of wine every unceasingly. And I’ll always be ready for the next lot when it’s delivered on Friday.”
Another instance of a celebrity who has slimmed down is the incredible weight loss of Claire Richards.
The Paces star, has appeared in Celebrity Big Brother and Loose Women, has lost a huge six and a half stone.

Linda Robson weight loss: She was told to overcome weight after a diabetes scareShe has now signed up for the Steps 2018 travel and recently urged fans to buy tickets on her Instagram account.
Claire, who has two ladies, slimed down from a size 20 to a size 10, an unthinkable transformation, so what is her secret?
Claire’s heaviest weight was 16 and a half stone, although she weighed nine and a half stone at the apex of her Steps career.
She revealed she used calorie restriction to lose load, telling Lorraine Kelly: “I’m trying really hard.
“It’s not rocket proficiency how you lose weight but keeping it off has always been my problem.”

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