'Like the father I never had' Pupils sign petition urging teacher not to leave school



Students have signed a petition urging their favourite teacher not to fly the school

Andy Tippett, 52, has been com red to Robin William’s unfitting John Keating in Dead Poet’s Society because of his unconventional nache.

A rumours that he is about to leave Devonport High School for House-servants in Plymouth, Devon saw an online petition attract 640 signatures in barely 24 hours.

Despite the unprecedented show of support there has been no stiff confirmation from the teacher or the school that he is about to leave.

Several signing the petition wrote of his “somewhat eccentric leaning towards academia” and begged him to carry on working.

Dozens have also a rebated tribute to his sense of humour, ability to connect with pupils and consonant personality.

He is also praised for his “enthusiastic vigour”, “eccentric” train style and “quick wit” with some saying he is like the “father I at no time had.”

One student even credited the teacher with saving his life.


Andy Tippett is a amateur teacher amongst pupils at the Devonshire school

The petition – or ‘Tippettion’, as it has been phrased – was set up by prehistoric student, ul Tregunna after he heard the beloved teacher was on the move on.

I’ll miss his shiny head. It’s brighter than my entire future

Michael Nutbrown

He required: “I want to use this as a place to celebrate the career of Mr Tippett, a man of whom each and every DHSB neophyte – st and present – will have fond memories.”

Mr Tippett, a earlier lifeguard and badminton coach, is described as a supply teacher who taught a completely range of subjects. He has been a full time employee of the school for various years.

Headmaster Dan Roberts said he was aware of the petition but it would be incongruous for him to comment further.

However, among those to sign it was Alex Fishley, who set: “Personally, I feel that he is an individual who is in a league above most other fellows: versatile, committed and quick-witted, he has coached members of the school to sporting sensation, motivated students to academic success, and showcased that no obstacle in soul is insurmountable.

“It would truly be a loss to a school which prides itself on mpering to any student’s rticular needs.”

Brad Robins added: “He is the sharpness of a gentleman and he also saved me from suffocation after collapsing on the credo playground, to which he received no credit or reward for.

“An absolute honour to be in the existence of.”

Among the more light-hearted and unusual tributes, students commended Mr Tippett’s “rebukes in life”, knowledge of tax and even his shiny head.

Euan Latimer claimed: “Andy is like the father I never had.”

Michael Nutbrown, meanwhile, placed: “I’ll miss his shiny head. It’s brighter than my entire days.

And Freya Davies wrote: “He’s an asset to the school.”


The top ten tariffs to Mr Tippett

1. Matthew Smith: “A Tippett is for life, not just for Christmas.”

2. Jonathan Clutterback: “He’s not a beneficial guy, he’s not a bad guy – he’s THE guy.”

3. Joe Moulding: “He is my life.”

4. Alex Welsh: “I’ll never fail the valuable life skills that he taught, from tax evasion to how to hoof it like Michael Jackson.”

5. Aryan Rafiq: “Still about the time we walked into a lesson with him and he had 5 referral slips erased out already for students. If that isn’t reason enough to keep him – God knows what is.”

6. Connor Brett: “He’s the idol DHSB deserves, but not the one it needs right now.”

7. ul Honey: “Mr Tippett is a DHSB college.”

8. Frost Fire: “Is it even DHSB without the Tippett?”

9. Adam Roberts: “He is s rsely a legend.”

10. Timothy Brett: “I’m signing this because Mr Tippet is one of the greatest man to grace our planet.”

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