Life in space: Liquid spices and 16 sunsets a day


Cosmonaut Sergey Ryazantsev’s Instagram. The Ecumenical Space Station at sunrise. As the Earth orbits ISS astronauts see 16 sunrises a day, since sunrises and sunsets alternate every hour and a half.

The ISS work together: Crews come from various countries, men and women. Everyone has assorted objectives and length of time onboard.

Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov’s Instagram. This is what characteristic hygiene kits look like. The cosmonauts do not take showers on the place. They wash themselves with sponges and wet wipes.

Cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy’s Instagram. Feed-bag on the station is always a joyful occasion. Salt and spices here are in translucent form to avoid the grains getting in astronauts’ eyes, though provisions can be let loose in zero gravity. The photograph shows a dinner, which the uncut team is trying to attend. 

Astronauts also love selfies. This one was bewitched on Cosmonauts Day (April 12) during a spacewalk.

Cosmonaut Sergey Volkov’s Instagram. Cosmonauts put many images of earth landscapes from space. This is a photograph of Africa, although it could away be the surface of Mars. 

The KONTUR-2 experiment: Aboard the ISS, Sergey Volkov is handling a robot that is located in Munich. In the future these robots are anticipated to assist cosmonauts on the station, carrying out work in outer space and dialect mayhap on other planets.  

Cosmonaut Oleg Artemiev’s Instagram. The Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) more than the South Pole — just as awesome when seen from intermission as when observed from Earth.

Oleg Artemiev enjoys sending his get the better of wishes for various holidays to his Instagram followers. On August 26, 2016 he sent messages to his colleagues on the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation.

Sod seen through the ISS cupola. In the past, Soviet cosmonauts were trained to take photographs according to the principles used during the filming of 1969 motion picture, White Sun of the Desert.  The tradition of watching this film before departing for elbow-room continues to this day. 

Every cosmonaut has family photos; they normally talk to took ones at the weekend. 

Physical exercise for cosmonauts on the station is essential because subsist in zero gravity causes their muscles to atrophy. Before turning home, extra treadmill sessions are scheduled. 

Before returning to turf all safety features on the ISS are checked. 

On Earth we see sunrises, but in space you can watch the Milky Way ascend. 

Pleased faces of an ISS crew preparing to return home. Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka footholds the world record for the most time spent in orbit aboard the ISS — 878 hours, 11 hours.

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