Life ban for teacher in four-in-a-bed romp with girl pupil and two men


Francoise JenkinsSWNS/ GOOGLE MAPS

Facetious ambisextrous Jenkins had lesbian affair with a vulnerable pupil

Francoise Jenkins, 45, yield a returned one of the men £13,000 to keep quiet about it, a disciplinary panel heard. Jenkins, who was leagued at the time, has now been struck off over her two-year lesbian affair with the sixth-form neophyte. 

A misconduct hearing heard how Jenkins started working as a supply don at Danum Academy – since renamed Outwood Academy Danum – in February 2007. 

In April that year at the Doncaster infuse with she befriended the Year 13 student, referred to only as Pupil A. 

Jenkins accepted visiting Pupil A while the vulnerable teenager was living at a homeless screen and that “they kissed, cuddled and were friends”.

Francoise JenkinsSWNS

Jenkins was banned from coach for life

The teacher returned to the shelter and engaged in sexual activity with the dame. It was also claimed they romped in the school storeroom and PE changing rooms. 

On the round-the-clock of the school prom Jenkins met the girl for a drink and they returned together to Ms Jenkins’s homestead. 

The teacher then asked the girl to “come upstairs with me” and the set of two shared a bed with a man described in the hearing as Individual C. 

He initially watched the two females before tasteful “more involved”. 

The girl also told the inquiry she visited Jenkins’s concert-hall and another man – Individual A – had been present, along with Individual C. 

She swayed she started having sex with the new man but broke down crying and asked for it to leave off. 

When the affair was exposed in January 2016, Jenkins told secondary chiefs that Individual C had “always threatened to tell the school”.

She state: “I paid him off in the end as he wouldn’t leave the house and asked for money to stop him forceful.” 

 Doncaster school GOOGLE MAPS

The Doncaster school where Jenkins worked as a stock teacher

She later changed her story to claim the £13,000 payment was “solely sealed with buying Individual C out of her house”. 

Jenkins denied engaging in procreative activity with the girl while she was a pupil, contrary to the girl’s puts. But the panel was told the girl had told staff at her shelter about the burgeoning relationship in June 2007. 

Jenkins stopped enlarge on a exciting at the school in June 2015 but continued to teach elsewhere. 

The girl afterward went to university but in October 2015 contacted Jenkins via text to consult on their former relationship. 

Jenkins replied, “The stuff that shouldn’t be undergoing happened” before making attempts to rekindle the romance. 

But instead the girlfriend reported the relationship to Jenkins’s new school and she was suspended. 

Banning her from acquaint with for life, panel chairman Alan Meyrick said she initiated a relationship with a unprotected pupil while she was still on the school roll.

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