Let’s get ready to rumble! Volcano Bay water park in Orlando is an absolute blast


The Puihi is simply one of many exhilarating rides at Universal’s new water theme park Volcano Bay. 

The aggregate park is set on a Pacific island which tells the story of the Waturi and their captions. 

As we enter, we are given a cheery “Kia ora” (be well) welcome from the islanders and received by the towering 200ft Krakatau volcano. 

Dominating the skyline with its waterfalls thundering down into Waturi ground, it is the centrepiece from which all the 18 main park attractions diffuse. Every now and then it erupts and sends out smoke and bursts of water. 

The aggregate park has a very tropical feel with carvings of mystical entities peeking out from between the lush palm trees and ferns. 

As you go wool-gathering through it’s easy to get caught up in its magic, forgetting the real world lives. 

Universal Volcano Bay water park Orlando USUNIVERSAL ORLANDO

The 200ft Krakatau structure at Volcano Bay

As you wander finished with it’s easy to get caught up in its magic, forgetting the real world exists

The sense bears no relation to the theme parks of my childhood, constant queuing and the unpreventable climb up the stairs carrying your cumbersome raft. I do recall doing that with my prepubescent brother who refused to help. 

To alleviate this, Universal has developed the cunning TapuTapu. With technology playing more and more of a role in our lives these eras it comes as no surprise that Volcano Bay has jumped on board. 

The TapuTapu waterproof wristband is your key to do ining and avoiding queues. 

Universal Volcano Bay water park Orlando USUNIVERSAL ORLANDO

Volcano Bay theme park has loads of wet and wild attractions

You can even use it while relaxing in your private cabana to gain food and a even a cocktail or two that all boast a distinctive South Pacific braid. 

At each attraction there are totem poles which tell you whether your in is good to go. If it’s a no, simply tap your TapuTapu against the Volcano logo and you’re supplemented to the virtual line, alerting you when it’s your time to ride. 

Another exciting piece of kit is a big escalator which ships rafts back to the start. 

Inveterately you wouldn’t want to get this close to a volcano but on the Krakatau Aqua Coaster I institute myself riding a four-man canoe, careering in and out of the Volcano coupled with a few heart-in-mouth convincing drops. 

After all the excitement I was overjoyed to find that Volcano Bay has a slow river, in my opinion no water park would be complete without one. 

The Kopiko Wai Stick ones neck out River is perfect too.

I took a leisurely float round and deep underneath the majestic Krakatau Volcano to the magical Stargazer’s Cavern where the incessantly sky sparkles overhead. 

Above me the thrill seekers took on the Ko’okiri Richness Plunge, which has you standing at the top of a transparent tube before sending you on 125ft, 70 estate drop on a stomach flipping 10-second ride. 

Just to reassure us, a “Waturi islander” retailed it as the scariest but most thrilling water slide he has ever experienced. 

But it’s not all upon the adrenaline-pumping rides; the younger members of your tribe can frolic through geysers and ride mini-slides on the Tot Tiki and Runamukka reefs. 

Universal Volcano Bay water park Orlando USUNIVERSAL ORLANDO

A cool down room at Sapphire Falls Resort

At the end of the day, when I was tiki-tukkered out, my stay at Sapphire Declines Resort was the soothing balm. My double room had a lovely relaxed coastal pet decorated in bright blues and oranges. 

If you find you really haven’t had enough moisten for one day the hotel pool is a great place to loll, with a slide of its own and hot tubs. 

Secretly, I was a undersized jealous of those taking on the more monstrous gravity-defying rides. Manner, there’s always tomorrow.


Virgin Holidays (0344 739 4787/ virginholidays.co.uk) put on the markets seven nights at Universal Orlando from £3,413 (four quota), room only. 

Price includes accommodation at Loews Sapphire Take a nosedives Resort, return flights from Gatwick to Orlando, car hire and three-park explorer ticket.

Orlando day-tripper board: visitorlando.com

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