Let’s all party: What is the best destination in the world to have fun?


Be consistent to young Britons, London is the second best rty location, realized by Las Vegas in Nevada, USA.

The research by low-calorie beer brand Coors Street lamp revealed rty destinations and holidays which 18-35 year olds method to book in the next 12 months.

Ibiza, a Mediterranean rty cay famous for its clubbing scene and the electronic music which originated there, freshen up the list.

In second place, young Brits chose their bailiwick city of London, which has a vibrant and diverse night-life with all things ranging from superclubs like Ministry of Sound to more detailed venues.

London was closely followed by the resort city of Las Vegas, prominent for its glitzy casinos and elaborate themed hotels, and the seafront city Miama in Florida, USA.

The check in by Coors Light also looked at the top ten rty holidays.

Millennials endorsed the iconic Glastonbury festival held every year in Somerset as the most superbly in the world.

This was followed by the the world’s largest beer festival Oktoberfest, in Germany, and the biggest carnival in the globe, the Rio Carnival, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The research by Coors Light was commissioned to assess the launch of the beer’s promotion to win a trip to an Ice Cave Rave in the French Alps, a stopping-place which features in the top 10 list.

The study also revealed that the MO to a great rty is simple, involving having a great playlist or music in a row up (38 per cent), an exciting atmosphere (36 per cent) and spending early with their friends (30 per cent). A unique destination was also universal with a fifth of revellers, and ice cold beers were key for one in seven.

One in six green Brits said soaking up a different culture is a major motivation for tab out a new rty destination while one in 10 admit fear of missing out is a key driver for word a trip to rty overseas.

Ali Pickering, Coors Light Brand Top dog, said: “Our research shows millenials are seeking out good times in all descriptions of cool destinations.

“A unique rty location can certainly add to a memorable taste but when it comes down to it, it seems the universal formula for a great platoon is a group of your best mates, good music and an exciting air.

“We’re really excited to give Coors Light drinkers a chance to win a directly in a lifetime experience to rave in a real Ice Cave with their investors to the latest UK DJ talent selected by Mixmag.”


1. Ibiza, S in

2. London, UK

3. Las Vegas, US

4. Miami, Florida

5. Amsterdam, Holland

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. The Alps, France

8. Barcelona, S in

9. Marbella, S in

10. Dublin, Ireland

11. Ayia Na , Cyprus

12. Dubai, UAE

13. Mykonos, Greece

14. Cancun, Mexico

15. Goa, India

16. Verbier, Switzerland

17. Bali, Indonesia

18. Reykjavik, Iceland

19. Aspen, Colorado, USA

20. Sao ulo, Brazil


1. Glastonbury, UK

2. Oktoberfest, Germany

3. Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4. Worldwide Celebration, France

5. Coachella, US

6. The Zoo Project, Ibiza

7. Full Moon rty, Thailand

8. Tomorrowland, Belgium

9. Benicassim, S in

10. Holi Carnival, Goa, India

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