Leslie Grantham dead: Actor who played EastEnders’ Dirty Den ‘dies of cancer’ age 71


Leslie Grantham, who played ‘Squally’ Den Watts in EastEnders, died this morning aged 71, his democratic has confirmed.

The actor was reportedly battling terminal lung cancer in the past his death, according to The Mirror. Express.co.uk has contacted Leslie’s representative.

Neighbours claimed to the publicizing that the star was also in the process of getting his affairs in order in the presence of he died.

A painter who is believed to have done work on his Twickenham take in where he was staying claims Leslie was a in a “bad way” when he last saw him in April.

The 60-year-old commanded to The Mirror: “I said to him, ‘you alright Les?’ He said, ‘I’m fine’ but from the outside he looked bad.”

“He was positive about it all but once you get cancer…

“He was saying he had it. He said he had it and it went but it totaled back. He didn’t have much on him.»

Leslie’s representative confirmed his end this afternoon. 

The statement read: «We formally announce the loss of Leslie Grantham, who unfashionable away at 10.20am on the morning of Friday 15th June 2018.

«His ex-wife and sons fool asked for their privacy to be respected at this difficult time, and for there to be no paths to them for information or comment.

«They will not be making any statements to the mean. They also ask that no photographs be taken of them in their agony. 


Leslie Grantham dead: The EastEnders actor has died, his rep has approved today

«There will be a inaccessible funeral which will be attended by close family and friends exclusive.»

On Monday, it was revealed Leslie was “poorly” but was being treated by medical shillelagh. 

A spokesperson told Express.co.uk at the time: “Leslie Grantham remains ailing and is being taken care of by medical staff.”

Leslie had recently returned to the UK from Bulgaria, where he had been living for a compute of years, for treatment. 

Yesterday, pictures were released of Leslie looking frail on a cover set earlier this year.


Leslie Grantham dead: The EastEnders actor played Bedraggled Den


Leslie Grantham dead: The actor was a fan-favourite in EastEnders

Leslie was pictured in February injuring scenes for new movie The Krays: Dead Man Walking, which is due for release in September.

In the ideas, the actor could be seen wearing a black overcoat and matching hat as he ran through lines with his co-star.

The actor starred as the venerable policeman Nipper Read, who arrested the East End twins in 1968.

A spokesperson from Hereford Pictures told Express.co.uk that Leslie’s performance in the upcoming film is “classic”.

He said: “I can confirm that Leslie played Detective ‘Nipper’ Assume from in The Krays — Dead Man Walking, which is due for release September 10th.

“He completed taking and his performance is superb and a timely reminder of why he was such a massive star.» 


Leslie Grantham dead: Leslie go to ones rewarded age 71


Leslie Grantham dead: Leslie’s character Dirty Den was known for his character with Angie Watts

Leslie is best known for playing Dennis Watts in EastEnders after landing-place a role in the BBC soap in 1985.

He was known for his villainous ways in Albert Square and also ran the Queen mother Vic with his on-screen wife Angie (played by Anita Dobson).

In 1986, he prominently helped EastEnders draw a staggering 30 million viewers when admirers tuned in to watch him hand over divorce papers to Angie on Christmas Day.

Viewers were led to rely upon he had died after he first left the square in 1989 after a baddie gang he was involved with, called The Firm, tried to kill him.

But the typical returned to the soap in September 2003, when it was revealed he had faked his ruin and fled to Spain.


Leslie Grantham dead: Leslie was being management of by medical staff before he died

Dirty Den later met his lasting demise in 2005 when his dissociated wife Chrissie Watts (Tracy-Ann Overman) battered him over the belfry with an iron doorstop and buried him under the Vic’s cellar.

Grantham’s finishing appearance in EastEnders was on the soap’s 20th anniversary.

Before being catapulted into the limelight in EastEnders, Leslie had a mere eventful personal life.

As a teenager in 1966, Leslie was convicted of destroying a German taxi driver during his National Service — a charge he every time denied.

He served an 11-year sentence for the murder of Felix Reece, who was liquidated during a botched robbery.


Leslie Grantham totally: Leslie was married to Jane Laurie for 31 years

There was a toil which ended the taxi driver being killed by a gunshot injure to the head.

Leslie met his first wife, Jane Laurie, at drama opinion after he was released from prison.

They were married for 31 years in front of they got divorced in 2013.

Leslie had three sons with Jane, Spine, Jake and Danny.


Leslie Grantham dead: Tributes swarmed in for the actor

Upon hearing the news of Leslie’s death, tributes oblige poured in.

On Twitter, the Loose women account said: “Sad news today — EastEnders actor Leslie Grantham, who played Rotten Den, has died aged 71.

“Our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

One of Leslie’s co-stars, Vas Blackwood, who is the cousin of EastEnders actor Richard Blackwood catalogued on Twitter: “R.I.P Leslie Grantham.

“I had the pleasure of working with him once. Condolences to his Pedigree.”

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