Lenovo’s Smart Clock is the Google Assistant’s answer to the Echo Spot


Google is slowly alluring up to Amazon in the smart display space, and, after the release of several third-party displays and Google’s own Available Hub, it’s time for a new form factor. First out of the gate is the Lenovo Smart Clock, which grasps all the software you’d find in a Google Smart Display and shrinks it down to a bantam form factor. It’s the Google ecosystem’s answer to the Echo Spot.

The in olden days released Lenovo Smart Display comes in 10- and 8-inch form bankers, and the Google Home Hub has a 7-inch display. The Lenovo Smart Clock is down to a pocket-sized 4-inch display, and it seems positioned as a bedside alarm clock based on the induce images. Unlike Lenovo’s bigger smart display, which has a complicated plastic back, the Smart Clock totally apes Google’s cloth-based plan, looking just like a Google Home product.

Lenovo was dangerous enough to include a real spec sheet for its smart display, so we be acquainted with this has a 4-inch, 800×480 touchscreen, a 1.5GHz MediaTek 8167S SoC (that’s four Cortex A35 insides and a PowerVR GE8300 GPU), 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of onboard storage. Under the cloth secretly there’s a 1.5-inch 3W speaker (with a peak power of 6W) and two meek radiators. There’s a set of volume buttons on the top, a mute microphone switch in the dorsum behind, and a power port. One nice touch is an extra USB-A port on the furtively, which is meant for charging your phone on a bedside table.

The software should be the established Google Smart Display package, but squished down into a smaller erect factor, so you’ll be able to issue Google Assistant commands, listen to music, see appointment book events, and control your smart home. It looks like there are a few superfluous features in the software, though. We spotted a few ambient clock faces that aren’t on the other Google Acute Displays, and the spec sheet says it supports the “Google Assistant’s tranquil wake-up routine,” which we first saw on the Pixel 3’s Pixel Stand. When it’s morning, the parade will slowly light up like a sunrise, with the idea being that it capability gently wake you up before your alarm starts blaring.

The Lenovo Smarting Clock will cost $79 ($50 cheaper than an Echo Section!) and should be out in the spring.

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