Lena Dunham Had the Best Response to Red Carpet Criticism


On Demonstration 18, Lena Dunham attended the Human Rights Campaign Jolly in Los Angeles to give a speech and celebrate her friend and honoree America Ferrera. Arising the event, Lena was the target of some subtle shade when Coco Perez, Perez Hilton’s approach platform, posted a picture of her red carpet look with the caption, «Small to see her trying!»

In true fashion, Lena promptly responded with an vivid comment, which was later shared by Coco Perez. Lena express, «I try at a lot of things. Mostly I try at being a writer, director, actor, activist, lover, sibling, partner, godmother.»

She also explained how she doesn’t allow her renown status to overshadow those other important roles in her life: «Shape is fun but sometimes I’d rather not spend three hours and lots of cash I could discharge to charity or spend on books and food to get ready to go out.»

In the latter half of her observe, Lena addressed another ill-intentioned image that Coco Perez had recently posted. In reaction to that particular post, Lena said, «When I look at that dead ringer you subjected to ‘caption this’ criticism, I see a day well-spent writing, reading, obtaining tea with a friend.» Despite her fierce response and critique, the Coco Perez account appearance ofed to applaud Lena and described her comment as being «well-said.»

Read her reveal in its entirety, below.

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