Left wing anti-Trump protesters hurl bottles at police amid Bastille Day celebrations


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Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron attended a Bastille Day military mall on the Champs-Elysees

Mask-wearing protesters threw glass bottles and missiles at limits of riot police blocking roads near Paris’ Gare du Nord post, stopping the huge march in its tracks.

Demonstrators also reportedly went to push forward using a lorry and reinforcements arrived armed with rip gas.

But the show aggression fell apart when police pulled disown abruptly and allowed the march to carry on.

The protests came as Donald Trump contemplated US and French soldiers march together through the Paris in a double merrymaking on Friday marking 100 years since the US entered the First Humanity War and France’s annual Bastille Day holiday.

The protests involved a run the gamut of anti-Trump activists, socialists, migrants’ rights activists, environmentalists, pro-Palestinian associations and anti-fascists.

Marchers chanted “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” and held signs report “Make The Planet Great Again”.

However many of the French marchers were reportedly assorted upset by President Emmanuel Macron and his policies on workers’ rights, the brevity, conflict and the country’s ongoing state of emergency.

The French President was accused by the Cover Social of “parading as a war chief” at the Bastille Day military parade “with the racist and misogynistic US President as his abettor”.


Emmanuel Macron invited Donald Trump to attend the Bastille Day fetes

Mr Macron said he was “surprised” by the public’s negative reaction after he invited US President Donald Trump to give rise to the Bastille Day celebrations.

He told reporters: “I invited President Trump and I was shocked to learn that my decision had sparked a national debate and a spate of opposes because we are commemorating 100 years since America entered into To the max War I to fight alongside the French.

“We should never forget that our antiquity surpasses us, that the life of our country surpasses us. Our ups and downs and the moments we flaming through should not make us forget that.

“I invited the President to consolidate the surviving ties between our two countries and his troops will march alongside ours on July 14.”


Donald Trump arrived in the US on Friday, supplanting his visit to Paris

On Thursday France’s government spokesman Christophe Castaner imagined: “The fake outrage expressed by some over Mr Trump’s visit is uncalled for.

“The reaction is undeserved… That we are able to honour US troops in the presence of their boss is a good thing.

“It’s a question of diplomacy… The US is turning inwards.

“We can choose to ordained and reject Mr Trump; or we can choose to bring him back into the circle and embrace him in talks, which is what Mr Macron is trying to do.”

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