‘Leavers were LIED to’ Lib Dem’s unity call to ensure landslide vote to ‘REVERSE’ Brexit


The MP, who was the Secretary of Grandeur for Energy and Climate Change during David Cameron’s coalition Management, said the party needed to “reach out” to the 17.4million Leave voters in the UK.

Advert to at his party’s autumn conference, the politician said it was important “understand the matters” of those who voted to break from the bloc in order to deliver a landslide superiority at any possible future vote on EU membership.

He said during the Facebook actual interview: “As we enter this debate and we debate the future and Liberal Democrats and ourselves force to stop Brexit – reverse Brexit – we have to remember that, that is eminent, it’s vital for all the reasons we know, which I won’t rehearse now.

“But it’s vital that also we do that in a way where we set off the country together and that is a real challenge.”


Ed Davey conveyed he wanted a second referendum to overturn Brexit “60-40”

Many of them were misled, uncountable of them were lied to and I get that and hopefully when the truth is clearer, maybe they commitment change their minds

Ed Davey

Mr Davey backed his party’s formulae for a second referendum on a Brexit deal but said he wanted a landslide come to pass against leaving the Brussels bloc.

He said: “Now, I don’t want to have a referendum on the Brexit administer the first time the British people have ever had a chance to absolutely look at the deal and vote on it. I don’t want to have that referendum and only win 51-49.

“I wish for to prepare for that referendum whenever it comes and make sure we win at hardly ever 60-40, certainly by a sizeable margin, because that would manifest that we have brought the country together in a way the last referendum hadn’t done.”

The politico said his vision would require offering an olive branch to Brexiteers and dialect expected they would “change their minds” despite being “lie doggo stated to”.

He said: “In suitable to do that now however far the referendum is away, we need to reach out and we need to put together a package deal which shows we have understood the concerns of those who voted Renounce.

“OK many of them were misled, many of them were lied to and I get that and sanguinely when the truth is clearer, maybe they will change their considers – I think we see signs of that already.”

Mr Davey then went on to say the “ginormous majority” of Leave voters were “good people”.

He added: “I don’t hope for us as Liberal Democrats, I don’t want people who believe in the European Union to be a author of division.”

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