Leaked paper from Brussels claims UK will AUTOMATICALLY adopt EU rules AFTER Brexit


Undeterred by the UK voting to wrestle back control from the bloc, the European Parliament blueprint proposal will allow the EU tell Britain what to do during any post-Brexit metastasis period.

Theresa May set out a transition period of two years following Brexit in her Florence lecture – in which she laid out her red lines for Brexit.

Chancellor Philip Hammond had in days of old pushed for a lengthy transition of up to three years – while hardline Brexiteers tabulating Tory MP Owen Paterson described putting off the nation’s EU evacuation as ‘real tosh’.

The European Draft paper outlines a slew of concessions, cataloguing limiting UK benefits from future EU agreements and forcing British courts to keep to by the European human rights convention.

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The draft was reportedly based on the ahead struck between Theresa May and the bloc on Monday

It also notes the UK has accepted EU citizens will be superior to “export all exportable benefits” as part of EU legislation after the nation entrusts the EU.

And on the rights of citizens to live in the UK it allows automatic rights to core folks members and persons in a durable relationship currently residing outside Britain” as fully as “children born in the future and outside Britain” – which is currently not an natural right in the UK.

The draft was reportedly based on the agreement struck between Theresa May and the bloc earlier this week, previous to the Prime Minister’s plans were thwarted by her Commons allies the DUP remaining disagreement on the Irish border.

However, in an as yet unconfirmed part of the draft, the pact makes a concession to the UK by allowing British citizens living inside the EU on Brexit Day, Slog 29, 2019, the right to travel and live anywhere in the bloc.

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It get possession of as Brussels tells Mrs May she has until midnight on Sunday to come up with a workable dispense

A spokeswoman for the Department for Exiting the EU said they «do not comment on leaked certifies».

It comes as Brussels tells Mrs May she has until midnight on Sunday to come up with a workable Brexit large or EU leaders will not be able to open trade talks at next week’s zenith.

The EU Commission insisted briefings by a senior official that Jean-Claude Juncker is convenience to extend the fraught negotiating process into next week are “not factual”. 

Addressing journalists at the bloc’s Berlaymont home a spokesman insisted that make ones way must be made “this week, in this building” or there command not be enough time to seal a deal. 

Eurocrats are sympathetic to the PM’s plight and arrange said that Mr Juncker wants to do whatever he can to help her and her Government persist a make-or-break few days. 

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The European Parliament drafted the proposal up ahead of next week’s summit

Yesterday an EU official told reporters that the Commission chief is willing to drop any of his plans, including those for early next week, in indecorous to meet Mrs May and seal a deal. 

They said: «»It’s a highly tough situation for Theresa May and he [Juncker] wants to help her. It’s important that he living expenses her in everything he does.» 

But today the Commission’s top spokesman contradicted that research, telling a briefing in Brussels: “We here in the Commission are still in discussions with London and all the EU27, distinctly with Dublin. So far no white smoke. 

“We stand ready to receive Prime Clergyman May at any moment in time when they are ready. This will set up to happen this week, in this building. We work for a full week, 24/7 and our week lists Sunday. 

“The stories that were in this morning on the alleged prolongation of the deadline into next week are not change.”

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