Leaked Nokia 7+ renders show off slim bezels, crazy brown color scheme


Evan Blass has become off leaked renders of an upcoming HMD Nokia phone, the Nokia 7+. This is a midrange plot that will probably launch at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month—and it looks way improve than your typical mid-range device.

While the Nokia 7+ is not HMD’s flagship phone (that intention be the Nokia 8), it is the most modern design from HMD. All the flagship fashion trends are here: slim bezels, an extra-tall 18:9 display, drew screen corners, and on-screen buttons. There’s a dual-camera setup on the forsake, along with a rear fingerprint reader. The one trend Nokia isn’t sticking to is the rubbing out of the headphone jack, which thankfully can be seen at the top of the device. Another draft choice that you probably won’t see on other phones any time soon: the color sets, one of which is brown and orange.

Rumors peg the device as having a Snapdragon 660 SoC and 4GB of RAM. It see fit be the price that really makes or breaks this phone.

The prototypes also show «Android One» branding on the back. Android One used to say that a device had stock Android and speedy, day-one updates turn from Google. Later the program was watered down with update liability shifting from Google to OEMs, and today it only seems to significance «this phone has stock Android.» HMD regularly pumps out phones with assortment Android, so the «Android One» branding seems irrelevant.

Blass also showed off another Nokia phone, the Nokia 1. Mediating by the design, this phone looks to be extremely cheap, but we’ll have to postponed until the big show to learn more about it.

Whether or not these hand down show up in the US is anyone’s guess right now. The Nokia 6 was officially brought to the US and was still sold under Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Phones program, but other Nokia phones contain not been sold here. Unofficially, it has been pretty easy to suggestion a Nokia phone on Amazon and run it on a GSM carrier.

Listing image by Evan Blass

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