LCBO employees ratify new contract that caps number of casual workers


The consortium representing LCBO employees says it successfully approved a new contract with the thing on Wednesday night.

The ratification comes a few weeks after a tentative harmony averted a strike before the Canada Day long weekend.

The 8,000 unionized LCBO white-collar workers had been without a contract since March 31, and voted 93 per cent in look like of a strike in April.

The new agreement puts a «hard cap» on the percentage of precarious white-collar workers at the LCBO, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) governmental in a news release.

Only 56 per cent of LCBO employees opted in favour of the new agreement, but OPSEU president Warren (Smokey) Thomas commanded ratification was still a victory.

«If you read the news, the growth of precarious peg away is far too often seen as simply the new reality,» Thomas said in the release. «In place of, this bargaining team took on the challenge of not just limiting the intumescence of casual positions, but actually pushing back and demanding an increase in the crowd of good, full-time jobs.»

Thomas’s statement did acknowledge that the confine success of the vote shows there’s still room for improvement at a Cap agency like the LCBO.

‘Push back against precarious whip into shape’

«Though obviously contentious, this deal sends a clear news: workers can win when they stand together to push back against hanging in the balance work and demand better,» he said.

The new agreement caps casual labourers at 70 per cent of employees, down from the current amount of 84 per cent. The LCBO be obliged also reach that figure within four years, the utterance reads.

The new agreement also improves scheduling, increases job security and ends the outline of two-hour shifts.

OPSEU bargaining team chair Denise Davis about in the statement that reaching an agreement was a credit to employees across Ontario.

«At the end of the day, this large will improve the lives of thousands of workers. It has put the issue of precarious idle on the political radar. And that’s all thanks to the members who worked tirelessly in excess of the past months to make it possible,» Davis said.

The LCBO did not instantly comment on the new collective agreement.

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