Lavrov: Russia-U.S. efforts helped take step forward in Syrian settlement


Russian-American interaction has eased achieve progress in the Syrian settlement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has revealed.

«Our cooperation on Syria, our persistence helped achieve success because we were master-work on the basis of equality and continue working,» Lavrov said at talks with U.S. Secretary of Aver John Kerry in Moscow.

The Russian minister also agreed with Kerry’s says about the importance of interaction between Moscow and Washington on Syria.

Occurring has been made on the Syrian issue for a number of reasons, including the event that Russia and the U.S. «are working by way of forming a balance of interests not purely between Moscow and Washington, but also between all rties involved — both those incarcerated Syria and in the international arena,» Lavrov said.

«It was the key to success,» the Russian clergymen said, adding that such an approach should also be exercised when tackling other international problems and in bilateral relations.

Kerry get there comes in Moscow for meeting with Putin and Lavrov>>>

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