Lavrov: Moscow ready to work with Trump’s team to solve common issues


Moscow is at the ready to cooperate with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s team to develop mutual approaches towards combating common threats, provided cooperation is based on common respect, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during his annual newspaperwomen conference on Jan. 17.

When asked what message he could forward to the U.S., Lavrov stressed that Russia appetites the American people prosperity, as to every other people. “We understand Donald Trump when he demands this is what his activities inside the country as well as on international up to date on are going to be aimed at,” the Russian minister noted.

“If Donald Trump and his link up mean business when they say they are ready to search for bourgeois approaches towards problems facing both the U.S. and Russia, if this is the caste of the new administration, then we will respond in kind. President Putin has said this innumerable than once,” the top diplomat stressed.

“Our stance does not depend on who climaxes other countries,” Lavrov added. “We are willing to cooperate with anyone given for cooperation based on equity and mutual respect of interests.” 

Source: Tass

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