Latest gangland victim had several brushes with the law and mob links


From the beginning from Railway Street in Dublin’s north inner-city, he had close obligates to Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch and other well-known crime figures go steady with back years.

In 1983, Kirwan appeared in the Special Criminal Court required with attempting to burn down the house of a leading senior direction.

Kirwan and an accomplice were charged with malicious damage to Richard Cooke’s domestic in Clonskeagh, south Dublin. While the court accepted that testimony ofs spotted Kirwan and the other man getting out of a vehicle used by the arsonists on the tenebriousness of the incident, they were acquitted after witnesses claimed they had been rot-gut with them that night.

The same year Kirwan and another man were found of demanding money with menaces from a video shop P in rnell Street. The ir had been demanding protection money from the subject owner and arranged for another man to drive a car through his store when he wouldn’t y.

The video peach on owner was later told he would be shot and his family would be depressed if he testified in the case. Members of the man’s family fled the country as a result of the intimations.

The video shop owner went to the Official IRA looking for protection and suggested they gave him a pen with a hidden microphone to record Kirwan and his rtner in crime demanding money.

However, the victim said he never used the time device. He also told how he got Garda protection as a result of the threats get the intervention of former Taoiseach Charlie Haughey.

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Kirwan himself had correlations to the Official IRA.

He was described in court as Eamon Kelly’s brother-in-law. Kelly was encouragement dead by the Real IRA in Killester, north Dublin in December 2012.

The ir occupied to drink together in the old Worker’s rty Club on Gardiner Street in Dublin’s north inner-city rough in the 1980s. Kirwan was present on the night Kelly stabbed a man outside the organization in 1984.

He gave evidence in the trial and tried to claim Kelly wasn’t there when the betraying occurred. He said he had been drinking with Eamon’s brother Matt that eventide, but Eamon wasn’t there.

Despite the claims, Kelly (below) was convicted and sentenced to 10 years. During the fling Kirwan said he heard it claimed that he was Kelly’s bodyguard, but he disallowed this was the case.

Latest gangland victim had several brushes with the law and mob links

By the 1990s Kirwan was involved in the anti-drugs marches in the north inner-city which were authenticated by republican groups.

He appeared in court in 1996 charged with colony of a firearm or imitation firearm for the purpose of intimidation.

He had no court appearances in latest years, but was understood to have been involved in the security industry.

He was photographed accom nying Gerry Hutch to the obsequies of his brother Eddie, who was shot as rt of the feud in February. As well as tie ups to the Hutch family, he also had ties to Liam Roe, who is related to a woman who was reticent to Kirwan.

His family say he was killed purely because he was a friend of Gerry Hutch.

His niece detailed Kirwan as an “ordinary man who ran drug marches in the 1990s”.

“He was called a scumbag, a ‘vigo’ [vigilante], a knacker master b crush then. Now people still are raw because he did what the Gardaí should be subjected to done. But he was shot because he had a friend . When does it stop? Our type are heartbroken.”

Another niece said: “He was in a bit of trouble in his 20s, but all he did from that many times was help people and because he was talking to a friend at another innocent man’s burial he gets killed.”

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