Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock wired THOUSANDS to Philippines before chilling attack


A law enforcement proper has confirmed the 64-year-old shooter wired $100,000 to the Philippines before Sunday’s shocking attack.

However, officials currently don’t know the recipient and the FBI is working with powers in the Philippines to determine additional details.

But it is alleged the money was sent to the gunman’s girlfriend.

Paddock’s 62-year-old gal pal Marilou Danley travelling to Hong Kong on September 25 and then went on to the Philippines on October 1 as he opened launch on thousands of people.

Stephen PaddockAFP GETTY

Stephen Paddock killed 58 in the Las Vegas scuttle

las vegas shooting: Marilou DanleyPH

Marilou Danley was visiting the Phillippines

Investigators say it is believed she was there to on family, although this has not been confirmed.

Ms Danley is a native of the Philippines and an Australian householder and lived on the Gold Coast for 20 years before coming to America.

Danley has been defined as a 4’11 Asian woman weighing 111 pounds (50kg).

On her Facebook foot-boy, she describes herself as a “proud mom and grandma who lives life to the fullest”.

Las Vegas shootingGETTY

At thimbleful 59 died in the Las Vegas shooting

Her LinkedIn page said she worked as a “high-limit hostess” at a Vegas casino and neighbours traced her as a “gambler”. 

And her slot-machine card, which is used to rack up bonuses and other fringe benefits through play, was found in Paddock’s suite after the murderous tumult.

It was initially thought Paddock had been working with Ms Danley an accessory but police later said she was out of the country at the time of the attack and cleared her of any involvement.

Times show Paddock lived in a two-bedroom house in Mesquite, 80 miles from Las Vegas, with girlfriend Ms Danley.

He made the one hour drive to the motor hotel and his room on the 32nd floor – which he is believed to have booked in advance as the hotel was rat oned out that night.

At least 59 people were gunned down and 515 misuse in Sunday’s shooting at an outdoor concert near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Hundreds of being were seen fleeing the Route 91 country music entertainment after the gunman rained bullets from the 32nd-floor window of his breakfast room for several minutes before killing himself.

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