Lady Colin Campbell walks away unharmed after being involved in horrific car accident


The 66-year-old was indicating her blue Audi estate in West Sussex with her son Dima and their pet dog, when her car was confusing in a multi-car collision.

The cars involved in the accident looked almost perfectly destroyed, especially a light blue Audi A3, but Lady C was seen step away from the crash site and making her way to the side of the road, The Sun announcements.

The former I’m A Celebrity star was also seen taking photographs of the stony damage done to the driver’s side of her vehicle.

Sussex Police approved no-one was injured in the crash, but Lady C warned that it was only a meaning of time due to “reckless drivers racing along the road”.

She said: “I’m absolutely concerned at the great speed that people use, hurtling down the dual carriageway in vanguard of my castle grounds, completely ignoring the speed limit.

“The only effects that will prevent a similar incident in the future is the installation of a sprint camera.

“This time we were all very lucky that no-one was muffled or hurt – next time people might not be so fortunate.”

A police spokeswoman added: “At 4.15pm on Friday 6 May, boys in blue were called to a collision involving three vehicles on the A27 Arundel Access in Clapham, near Worthing, West Sussex.

“Diversions were in put ones finger on while the vehicles, which were two Audis and a Ford, were salvaged and the scene was made safe. No injuries were reported.”

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Lady C is here to launch her very own reality TV show, called The Lady in the Castle.

The character star revealed last month: “At the moment I’m doing a video receiver programme on me, personally.

“It’s called The Lady in the Castle and it’s going to be about me, Hall Goring and of course my children.”

Despite striking up some friendships in the I’m A Reputation jungle, Lady C said she’s not going to be sharing the limelight with any of the ladies of the latest series.

She insisted to The Sun: “The show is about me. But having signified that, we will be having a castle-warming ball so some of them may be implored to attend.”

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