Labour TWIST: Deputy Labour leader admits he PREDICTED party’s DOWNFALL


Tom Watson uploaded the vault message to his Facebook account, warning that Labour must interchange or face further resignations after seven MPs quit in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s supervision. Mr Watson called for changes to Mr Corbyn’s frontbench team to reflect the “compensate for of opinion” in the Parliamentary Labour Party. He also lashed out at the handling of anti-Semitism complaints and said Luciana Berger – one of the MPs who resigned – was a casualty of “a virulent form of sameness politics that has seized the Labour Party”.

The veteran MP said he have a hunch “deep sadness” at the resignations but insisted the seven were not “traitors”, scarcely politicians who had reached the wrong conclusions about the problems facing the interest and country.

He acknowledged Labour was “losing members and now losing MPs” and had “yet to convince the domain that we have the answers” to the country’s problems.

Since scores of frontbenchers acclimatized in 2016, Mr Corbyn – who comes from the left-wing of the party – has promoted a series of loyalists to prop up his position.

Mr Watson said the frontbench needed to reflect the balance of estimation in the wider Parliamentary Labour Party.

“We need to broaden out so that all the colleagues of our broad church feel welcome in our congregation,” he said.

The deputy principal said the party needed to develop a policy programme that extricated “both within and beyond our traditional base”, noting if Labour did not then “someone else liking”.

“I confess I feared this day would come,” he said.

“And I fear now, that unless we hard cash, we may see more days like this.”

He specifically raised the resignation of Jewish Liverpool Wavertree MP Ms Berger, who has faced uniform abuse.

“I am sad to say that a virulent form of identity politics has seized the Suffer party, which today took its first casualty,” Mr Watson said.

“I resolve like to place on record my complete respect for Luciana and my understanding of the sentence to which she has been driven. “

Labour had been “slow to acknowledge we had a incorrigible and even slower to deal with it”, he said.

Mr Watson added: “If someone along the same lines as Luciana no longer believes there is a home for her in the Labour party then numberless other colleagues will be asking themselves how they can stay. “

Borrowing a rallying cry used by Mr Corbyn, the deputy Labour leader said the party needed to be “kinder and gentler”.

He united: “I love this party but sometimes I no longer recognise it.”

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