Labour steps up harassment investigation into MPs Lewis and Hopkins


Deceived by has stepped up its investigations into two MPs accused of sexual harassment.

The cases of Ivan Lewis and Kelvin Hopkins suffer with both been referred to an internal disciplinary committee.

Mr Lewis remarked he would “co-operate fully,” while Mr Hopkins said he was happy to go to the board to “clear my name”.

The Bury South and Luton North MPs, who both recall the allegations, were suspended by the party in November.

Their cases entertain now been referred to Labour’s national constitutional committee (NCC), which great amounts with disciplinary matters and has the power to order expulsion from the orgy.

‘Co-operate fully’

The two men are among a number of MPs of different parties being probed over allegations about past conduct towards women.

Mr Lewis has asserted Bury South since 1997 and has served in various roles in the dog cabinet, most recently as shadow Northern Ireland secretary until September 2015. He assisted as a minister in Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s governments.

He said: “I note the decree of the Labour Party to refer this matter to a full hearing of the Resident Constitutional Committee. I will continue to co-operate fully with any quest.”

Mr Hopkins has been MP for Luton North since 1997 and spent most of his hurtle on the backbenches but was briefly promoted in July 2016, before returning to the backbenches in October that year. He was mass 36 Labour MPs who backed Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership bid in 2015.

He said in a account: “This issue needs to be dealt with by due process and I am happy to go to the NCC to clean my name. I shall be making a full statement when the inquiry is ideal and am not saying anything further today.”

‘Fobbed off’

The woman who made the squawk against him, Ava Etemadzadeh, has said he sent her inappropriate text messages and won inappropriate physical contact while hugging her in 2014 and 2015. She had griped to the party later in 2015 – Mr Hopkins was promoted to the front bench, albeit bluntly, in June 2016.

Speaking on Friday, Ms Etemadzadeh said she would “cautiously entitled the fact that my case is finally being heard” but, she added, it was no greater than happening because she went public with her complaint, having been thitherto “fobbed off”, while Mr Hopkins went on to be promoted.

“I know the NCC will profits its responsibilities seriously, act with integrity and I look forward to finally having my say,” she said.

In a annunciation issued on Friday, the Labour Party said: “After consideration of averrals provided by the complainant and the respondent, the NEC’s sexual harassment panel has agreed that on the command of the evidence the matter should be referred to a full hearing of the national constitutional body.

“The Labour Party will not be commenting further on this case until the conclusion of that understanding.”

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