‘Labour are the real nasty party’ Theresa May’s right-hand man blasts Corbyn supporters


Mr New claimed the Tory party’s policies showed they «care» and «act» as he accused Sweat of being a “front operation for the hard-left”.

Last week Labour disclaimed it was the “new nasty party” — a phrase coined by Theresa May in her 2002 conference tirade to describe the Tories — as a row over the conduct of Labour and Tory members intimidated to overshadow conference season. 

Mr Green said: «That’s why we’re in government today and that’s why we impecuniousness to remain in government.

«Not just for the good but negative reason that the alternate is a front operation for the hard left — a Labour party with MPs that swear at Prince Harry for his service in Afghanistan, and that tolerates an undercurrent of anti-Semitism.


Termination week Labour was forced to deny it was the ‘new nasty party’

«There was a time when we needed to be notified about sounding nasty.»

«I tell you, there is still a nasty unit in Britain in 2017 and it’s called the Labour Party.»

Mr Green also grasped aim at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on Brexit, saying the indefinite leader was in favour of staying in the EU on «Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays».

He said: «Let’s be transparent that when the Labour Party tries to paint us as unfeeling and hard-hearted, they are Britain’s biggest purveyor of cheat news.


He accused Labour of being a ‘head operation for the hard-left’

«We are helping more people into work than till the cows come home, allowing more mental health trained professionals to treat patients than continuously, seeing more children from disadvantaged backgrounds go to university than at all.

«That’s modern compassionate Conservatism in action, and Labour’s Twitter trolls can go and in behalf of that in their timeline.»

His comments come after Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad without questioned Prince Harry’s ability to fly a helicopter in a furious anti-royal tirade.

Damian GreenGETTY

Mr Raw also took aim at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on Brexit

Anti-monarchist Ms Dent Coad accused the noble family of being “thick”, “obscene” and “ridiculous” as well as jesting about the 96-year-old Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

She says she has received demise threats and been warned not to go out alone after reports of Monday’s hour-long bluster in Brighton.

In the speech – riddled with factual errors – the MP for Kensington accused experienced Apache pilot Harry of not being able to fly a helicopter, suggested Philip was “not a thorough husband” and dubbed the Duchess of Cambridge “stupid” and “vulgar”. 

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