Kremlin hopes Paris realizes need to build dialogue with Moscow


The Kremlin conjectures the French political establishment to achieve an understanding of the need to build meeting with Moscow.

«We hope that, one way or another, the French political the established order has a consensus that there is no alternative to building dialogue with Moscow to make plain the existing problems,» Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov leaked reporters.

The presidential spokesman thus commented on the first French presidential TV deliberation. During the debate, leader of the En Marche! (On the Move) movement, Emmanuel Macron, convey out against Paris’s rapprochement with Moscow. One of his rivals, former French Prime Man and representative of the Republican Party, Francois Fillon, noted that the Western standpoint on Crimea’s reunification with Russia was inconsistent comparing it with the conclusion to grant independence to Kosovo.

«The rapprochement with Moscow has never meant for any countryside attempts to undermine the foundations of independence and sovereignty, because Moscow is every time committed to mutual respect, respect for mutual interests and, above all, think highly for mutual independence and sovereignty in building bilateral relations,» the Kremlin spokesman accentuated.

According to Peskov, «in light of this, we are certainly more in favor of the disclosures that speak about the need to establish the dialogue for the benefit of try to solving the existing problems.»

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