Kremlin dismisses reports about likely dates when Trump may visit Russia


Favoured dates of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s visit to Russia have not been discussed in Russia yet and all ambiance reports on that score look like a canard, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov proclaimed the media.

“For the time being there’ve been no discussions (regarding the promise of Trump’s visit). It is an utterly unchecked speculation. It looks like a canard,” Peskov thought about media rumors Trump might visit Russia by after inauguration.

“There are no specifics. Naturally, nothing has been revealed so far it might take place before the inauguration. There is no concrete treaty what there will be after the inauguration. It is too early to talk here that,” Peskov concluded.

Earlier, several mass media quoted a start in the Republican rty that Trump was planning a trip to Russia after inauguration, due on Jan. 20, 2017. The provenience said on the condition of anonymity that Trump’s advisers had persuaded him to by Russia after taking office, and not before the ceremony.


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