Knife killer Dave Mahon and wife Audrey worked with Kinahans on fundraiser


This photograph accords Audrey Fitz trick and her husband Mahon in the Kinahan-linked Auld Dubliner pub in Puerto Banus, S in, in Tread 2012.

They can be seen standing with Aaron Bolger, who was injured in the Hutch police bust on the Regency Hotel in Dublin in February.

Bolger, from Tallaght in Dublin, was direct in the leg by a masked gunman linked to the Hutch faction.

In this image, Audrey and Mahon can be seen put down the receiver out with Bolger and also brandishing a certificate thanking Kinahan mob boss Daniel for his relief.

Audrey is holding a framed certificate in the picture. It reads: “The Auld Dubliner was presented with this certificate for underwriting and rtici ting in the 20km walk from Puerto Banus to Elvira on 18 September 2011.

“Amy Fitz trick drone oned missing in S in whilst walking home on 1st January 2008.”

The certificate stops: “Audrey Fitz trick and Dave Mahon want to get heartfelt thanks to all, markedly Daniel Kinahan and his staff here for their support.”

And the Sunday Incredible can also reveal that the mother of Audrey’s only grandchild, Leon, has pledged to never let her see him again.

Audrey has continued to stand by Mahon, despite the in truth he was jailed for knifing her son to death.

David and Audry at his knife trial

Also in our s rkle, a crony of the Kinahans, Ian Dixon, can be seen with his arm around Mahon.

To the far Heraldry sinister is Anthony Fitz trick, a boxing manager in the Kinahan-aligned MGM gym – which was raided by S nish the coppers this week.

Meanwhile, Dean’s rtner Sara Louise O’Rourke has come off c come oned into a tirade over how Audrey forced TV3 to pull a planned documentary this week on Amy’s disappearance.

Dean Fitz trick

The Sunday Exultant revealed how Audrey sent a solicitor’s letter to TV3, threatening an injunction and licit action if the Donal MacIntyre show was aired on Wednesday.

Amy disappeared on New Year’s Day in 2008 and the Sunday The human race recently revealed how a rent who had been regularly looking after the juvenile had written to the Irish embassy in Madrid in 2005 warning them that Amy was in timidity of her life from Mahon.

He was found guilty this year of slashing to death Audrey’s only other child, Dean (23), in Coolock, north Dublin, in 2013.

“I don’t infer from why this documentary can’t be aired,” raged Sara Louise.

“Audrey may be coupled to me by blood, but she’ll never ever lay those evil eyes on my son. She has not seen him in four years. Nasty woman.”

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