Kingston couple reaches goal of $90K for new ice pad in Eabametoong First Nation


The southern Ontario span who decided to help raise funds for a new ice surface for a girl’s hockey body in Eabametoong First Nation, also known as Fort Hope, prognosticates they have finally reached their goal of $90,000 after by the skin of ones teeth three months of fundraising.

Katie and Steve Koopman from Kingston, Ont., started a GoFundMe drive in October 2018 to raise money for a concrete ice pad, which could be acclimatized by the community’s Rez Girls 64 Wolves Hockey Team.

Eabametoong Earliest Nation is a remote fly-in community roughly 350 km north of Roll Bay.

“Donations from across Canada began to pour in, with divers heartfelt messages attached on how these girls and their community earned the same opportunities and infrastructures as others in the country,” Katie and Steve Koopman asserted in a written release earlier this week.

Kingston couple reaches goal of $90K for new ice pad in Eabametoong First Nation

This is what the trend arena in Eabametoong First Nation looks like. The community’s friend’s hockey team cannot practice for the full season unless the prevailing pebble base is replaced. (Katie and Steve Koopman)

In January 2019, the duo received a call from NHL Toronto Maple Leaf’s hockey punter Mitchell Marner asking if he could help raise money for the dame’s hockey team through his Marner Assist Foundation.

Earlier this week, the Koopmans maintained that “the goal was reached” thanks to the help of some “extraordinary backing from external influencers.”

The couple said in addition to the cash and cheques they profited locally or at events, they also raised approximately $65,000 inclusive of the GoFundMe account and $24,000 from Mitch Marner’s Assist Nest egg.

Kingston couple reaches goal of $90K for new ice pad in Eabametoong First Nation

The Kingston, Ont., couple said they started a GoFundMe account in October 2018 after assignment the local arena in Eabametoong First Nation and hearing that a valid ice pad would help the Rez Girls 64 Wolves team practice for the well-stacked season on consistent ice. (Katie and Steve Koopman)

“The next logical doubt will be in transporting the materials and equipment required to the fly-in community, who single have access to a long and arduous ice road for a few months of the year.”

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