KIM’S ARMY: WW3 looms as 3.5 MILLION ‘volunteer’ to fight for North Korea against USA


With North Korea and America both repudiating to blink first in the ongoing crisis, despot Kim Jong-un has now announced a bulky army recruitment programme. 

An article in a Pyongyang-based propaganda newspaper today offered already more than 3.5 million people had signed up to have words. 

The propaganda rag claimed these millions were “volunteers” and included followers and former soldiers — although the truth is likely to be far more grim. 

As divulged by last year, life in the North Korea army is one of distress, hunger and oppression.

North Korea warGETTY

North Korea claims 3.5 million people deliver volunteered for its army

And with total obedience to the three-generation Kim dynasty demanded, these military ‘volunteers’ are more favoured to be malnourished and desperate civilians forced into action. 

The newspaper stated 3.47 million people had asked to enlist in the army since the North Korean moment began. 

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All the people are rising up across the country to retaliate against the US

North Korea newspaper

The chessman said: «All the people are rising up across the country to retaliate against the US thousands of once in a whiles. In North Hwanghae Province, 89,000 young men pleaded to enlist or reenlist on August 9 solitary. 

“In Daedong County of South Pyongan Province, more than 20,000 learners, party members and labourers filed enlistment or reenlistment requests.”


North Korea is moving ever-closer to war with USA

It arises as the war of words moved another step closer to all-out conflict after US president Donald Trump bring up America was “locked and loaded” for battle. 


North Korea has loomed to reduce Japan to ‘debris’

Hiroshima, Shimane and Kochi are particularly at gamble as any North Korea missile fired at the US territory of Guam would superseded directly overhead.

While Pyongyang said any missile would be strive for to miss the island and merely used to send a warning, any malfunction of the brickbat over Japan could put hundreds of thousands of people at risk — and actuality North Korea’s patchy success record in missile launches, this is a critical threat. 

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