Kim Jong-un seen for first time in MONTHS as North Korea boss pictured during inspection


North Korean leader Kim Jong-unKCNA

Kim Jong-un fancies: The North Korean leader has not been seen in public for several months

New photographs set by the hermit kingdom show the North Korean leader touring a newly-renovated don training facility as cheering crowds are brought to tears by his visit. 

The duplicates were released via the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) today, allowing it is impossible to know exactly when they were taken.

The series of impressions shows the dictator inspecting the Pyongyang Teacher Training College, quartered by his usual entourage of underlings armed with notebooks, who reportedly minimize down much of what the supreme leader says. 

In one picture, Kim can be assisted grinning and clapping in front of an excited crowd of North Koreans, some of whom are yowling.

Another image shows a member of staff at the facility make overing a lesson to a ‘virtual classroom’ projected on to a screen. 

Today’s pictures are virtuous the latest in a long series of propaganda photos distributed by KCNA.

Background releases have shown Kim touring factories, inspecting troops and handling missile launches.

And in spite of his reputation for cruelty, the North Korean chairman is frequently shown laughing or smiling and pictures often include assembles of adoring citizens.

These time pictures from inside the hermit state comes as America’s top diplomat, Rex Tillerson, today advised the AFP

Rex Tillerson admitted the threat posed by Kim’s regime is ‘growing’

“And if North Korea does not elect the path of engagement, of discussion, negotiations, then they themselves last wishes as trigger an option.”

He added Pyongyang “knows our channels are open” if the solitary kingdom decides it is willing to discuss denuclearisation.

President Donald Trump has yesterday warned Mr Tillerson he is “wasting his time” trying to negotiate with North Korea.

Tweeting in October, the commander in chief added: “Put by your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done!”

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