Kendall Jenner gets NAKED under totally clear raincoat for eye-popping watery photoshoot


Kendall Jenner has stripped off for Harper’s BazaarThe actuality star has stripped off for the February issue of the magazine, where she is seen in skimpy more than see-through clothing.
The sauciest shot of the lot, taken by Sølve Sundsbø, certains the 22-year-old reclining on a bright perspex chair as water falls onto her unclothed body.
Flashing a seductive gaze at the camera, Kendall’s long limbs pick up c espouse centre-stage as she goes naked under her clear Chanel cape, intact with frilly detailing and a hood.
The supermodel’s modesty is in tact offers to the angles of the liquid, which rained down on the star at speed.

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Thu, October 19, 2017
Kendall Jenner entrusts sexy sister Kim Kardashian a run for her money. Take a look at her sexiest ideas.


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Kendall Jenner jiffies pert posterior in red high-cut swimsuit for sizzling snap

I had a nice-looking normal childhood, with a twist, and went to school until the 10th station
Kendall Jenner

Kendall’s unusual attire was polished off with analogous boots and a slick of dark red lipstick.
The half-sister of Kim Kardashian also settles a demure figure in a see-through, wide-brimmed hat, and a skintight black dress.
As fully as posing for the incredible shots, Kendall was interviewed about how being a mannequin now is different to 20 years ago.
“I feel like social media unmistakeably has a lot to do with how it’s different,” she started. “A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, it’s so much easier now because you maintain Instagram’. You don’t even need an agency anymore’.
However, the beauty keep up: “But that’s just not true. I still had to go to all the castings, I still had to go meet all the photographers, I motionless had to do all of that to get to where I am now.
Kendall Jenner said she had to work as insoluble as 90s supermodelsGETTY
Kendall Jenner said she missed out on collegeKendall Jenner’s rounded out interview appears in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar [SOLVE SUNDSBO • HARPERS BAZAAR]
“There wasn’t a be wary taken out just because I had social media. I still have 12-hour days, I even have even 24-hour days sometimes; I still have to do all those instruments. We don’t work any less hard than the ’90s models did when they were pubescent.”
On what she missed out on growing up in the public eye, Kendall went on: “The obvious plea is college, I guess, but I don’t even know if I regret that. I had a pretty ordinary childhood, with a twist, and went to school until the 10th grade.
“For 11th and 12th, I did homeschool, but I unruffled saw a lot of my old friends. I didn’t go to prom, though, which was kind of annoying.”
Kendall took that she wishes she could go to Disneyland or a public beach “in peace”, something that is undeniably a labour for one of the most famous faces on the planet.
During her chat with Harper’s Bazaar, the leading man also said her “debilitating anxiety” kept her up.
She added: “I literally wake up in the waist of the night with full-on panic attacks. Where do I even start? The total is so horrible, it’s hard to name one thing.”
Read the full interview with Kendall Jenner in the February problem of Harper’s Bazaar – out January 23.
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