Katie Piper weight loss: Strictly Come Dancing star shed TWO stone with surprising trick


Arrange loss can be something many people struggle with, and after comprising a baby, slimming down won’t be a priority for many new mums.
While there should on no occasion be pressure to regain your pre-baby body, getting trim could be a way some wish to take.
Katie Piper spoke out about her own late-model weight loss, after the mother-of-two lost two stone, following the origin of her youngest child.
After unveiling the results, the author, philanthropist, and  Strictly Sink in fare Dancing star opened up about the guide she used during her slimming wander.

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Katie co-wrote the list, The Healthy Happy Mum Plan, earlier this year, with her investor, entrepreneur TerriAnn Nunns — of The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan.
Less than a diet plan, the TV presenter has insisted their “mum manual” should be keep abreast ofed as a lifestyle — rather than a quick fix.
The guide, which has been dietitian approved, lists recipes for the whole family to enjoy.
But, as well as opting to prepare fit food and exercising through home workouts, Katie revealed she budged the weight by also changing the way she ate.
Opening up about a lesser known hoax, the presenter explained she now adopts mindful eating — a habit which implies concentrating on the entire process of consuming food.
Ridding distractions and yielding time to eat, meant Katie could really focus on everything from the inclination and texture to the look and smell of her meal.

Katie Piper mass loss: The Strictly Come Dancing star shared before and after represents of her body (Image: INSTAGRAM • @KATIEPIPER_)

The guide proposes sticking to a 16:8 eating rule — meaning readers should aim to alone eat within an eight-hour window each day.
Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk earlier this year, Katie powered: “After giving birth to Pea [her youngest daughter, Penelope], I was tired.
“I was unmistakeably overweight, because you would be straight after having a child , but I was fatigued low energy.”
Recalling the understandably hectic time, she continued: “I was experiencing a lot of explosions from eating sugar as a quick fix, then being hungry unambiguous away because it wasn’t nutritional.”
The TV star added: “It didn’t top up me up and I wanted to be the best mum to the girls — which [for me] means I need to be able to get up primordial I need to be able to run around, do swimming lessons ballet and also go to charge.”
The author went on to discuss how making changes to her diet meant she know fuller for longer.

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Katie Piper tonnage loss: The Strictly Come Dancing star opened up about the interchanges she made (Image: INSTAGRAM • @KATIEPIPER_)

Katie Piper persuasiveness loss: The Strictly Come Dancing star shed two stone and tributed the ‘mum manual’ (Image: INSTAGRAM • @KATIEPIPER_)

“As a bonus, I bygone weight and I was able to get back into my pre pregnancy wardrobe,” she added.
Another Strictly Recuperate from Dancing star who has shed the pounds is James Martin — who appeared in the BBC tell back in 2005.
The 46-year-old used to weigh in at 19st 7lb, but now cuts a much slimmer drawing, after losing five stone.
Earlier this week, the British chef presented up about how he maintains his current physique, during an interview on Good Morning Britain.
When questioned about how he stays in shape while on his current UK tour, James Martin: On the Avenue… Again, James credited the help of his foodie friends.
Detailing how he stand up his weight loss journey on track, the celebrity chef said: “I’ve got a lot of friends of mine who are quite good chefs in the area who usually open most recent.”
The Healthy Happy Mum Plan by Katie Piper and TerriAnn Nunns is convenient for £39.99 at The Healthy Happy Mum Plan website.

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