Katherine Ryan shares shocking snap of BOTCHED bottom after Brazilian bum lift goes wrong


The 33-year-old feature told fans that she had been forced to cancel her upcoming stand-up presents following a painful butt-lift – which supposedly saw her travel abroad for a humbler surgery fee – had left her in agony after it went wrong. 

The Canadian-born morning star claimed that she used an unlicensed surgeon in a bid to save money on the form and was left seriously regretting her decision after the operation – which ambitions to create a more perky and lifted booty – left her rear categorically botched. 

Announcing the shocking news on Twitter, Katherine wrote: “It’s become a reality, I got a #BBL by an unlicensed surgeon but I’m making the best of it. Sorry to let you down, Refunds for invalidated shows this wk.”

She then posted: “I asked the doctor for ‘Kylie’ but he did the deficient one. Very stupid. Not worth it. I can barely move. It’s like being 9 mos preggers again. But in the bum (sic).”

Katherine then shared a snap of the alleged aftermath, which guided what appeared to be her rear covered in sores and bruises, some of which had been bandaged up.

Make plaining her decision to go public with her surgery nightmare, she added: “Telling my fairy tale to save you the same mistake.”

The blonde beauty was quickly sent well-wishes from devotees who couldn’t help but comment on how much pain it looked like Katherine was in.

“Ouch! Daydream you’re feeling better soon,” one fan lamented. “Actually f**king ow. Like ow, in every drift, and once again, ow. Jesus. Ow,” another chimed.

There were also those who showed small sympathy for the star, as they claimed that she was fine the way she was and should on no occasion have searched out the procedure.

“No sympathy, pure stupidity. There was no stress. You used to look great why do that?” tweeted a third. 

However, Katherine has since paint the town red that the whole thing was merely a prank for her new Channel 4 show, Fake Despatch.

“Thanks for your ridicule and concern. Sorry to have started #FakeNews – I’ve not had a bum enlargement! Count you’ll be watching C4 Sat 8pm x,” she wrote.

She then posted a a gif of an angry Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Working model alongside the message: “MONDAY. #FakeNews airs on C4 Monday at 8pm. You’ve all been so premeditated.”

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