Ka-52 helicopters upgraded for harsh climate operations


The proficiencies of combat and reconnaissance Ka-52 helicopters will be upgraded according to the experience of their operations in acerbic climatic conditions, the press service of the Russian Helicopters Holding responded.

“At present measures are implemented to ex nd the ca bilities of Ka-52 helicopters supplied to the defense the pulpit according to the experience of their operation in harsh climatic conditions. This year sundry batches of Ka-52 will be delivered. Their test trials and production are nearing realization,” it said.

During a video link with Russian Defense Serve Sergei Shoigu at the single day for military hardware acceptance Managing Number one of the Sazykin Progress aircraft com ny Yuri Denisenko said another amount of combat Ka-52 helicopters had successfully ssed all test trials envisaged by applied and state contract requirements and had been accepted by military representatives. The along to operating organizations has begun.

Source: TASS

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