Just like nature intended! Zookeepers unleash wild side to clean enclosures NAKED



The quad were snapped victual penguin

Four plucky London Zoo staff members went au above in aid of Streak for Tigers during a run around the ground after hours. 

With a rank of tigers called a ‘streak’, the event sees runners ditch their garments to be as primitiveness intended to take in the sights of the zoo, with a new route planned for this year. 

The circumstance takes place on August 10 at London Zoo, and previous runs parade sporting participants donning tiger ears, tails, face and league paint — with the zoo providing some accessories. 

Some 300 gofers will pound the pavement with the aim of raising £40,000. 

And in a bid to encourage more to sign up, two men and two women who work at the zoo led the way by unleashing their ‘flighty side’. 

The quad were snapped feeding penguins and and doing some evanescent maintenance in the zoo’s Penguin Beach and WENN

Four plucky London Zoo club members went au natural in aid of Streak for Tigers

They streaked whilom colleagues feeding llamas as they sped round the enclosures. 

James Wren, Fundraising Chief at ZSL, said: “We can’t wait to welcome courageous cat-lovers to this year’s risqué run.

Fearless fundraisers are invited to unleash their unhinged side

James Wren

“Funds raised by those who are brave adequate to bare all are vital in helping us continue our work to protect tigers from the intimidations they are currently facing in the wild.”

Money from previous get the lead out of ones pants has helped staff install camera traps and helping with economy work. 


Money from previous runs has helped truncheon install camera traps


They striped past colleagues feeding llamas as they sped round the railings

The zoo describes the event as: “ZSL London Zoo is calling on cheeky challengers to get their furnishings off and join the naked run in support of ZSL’s tiger conservation work. 

«Fearless fundraisers are invited to unleash their madcap side and prowl as nature intended, after hours, in the heart of ZSL London Zoo in this unparalleled event.”

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