Just For Laughs draws takeover interest from Swiss firm


Swiss-based in firm GF Productions is expressing interest in acquiring the Just For Laughs pastime company with the aim of creating a global entity.

One week ago, Just For Go into hysterics mandated RBC Capital Markets to look into the various possible choices surrounding the sale of founder Gilbert Rozon’s shares in the comedy anniversary.

Rozon, 63, recently announced he would sell all his shares midst allegations he sexually harassed or sexually assaulted 10 women as revealed by Le Devoir and 98.5 FM.

Some have since spoken to police, with spokespeople for TV impresario Julie Snyder, host Penelope McQuade, actress Patricia Tulasne and steersman Lyne Charlebois confirming criminal complaints have been filed with sages.

Gregoire Furrer, founder and owner of GF Productions, says he wants to father an international comedy group and says banding together is essential for the to be to come of the business.

“I am convinced that the transatlantic link is essential, in the digital age, to come forth the largest international comedy group,” he said in a statement Monday.

‘Hold back the roots’ in Quebec

Furrer said he wants Juste pour rire, as the companionship is known in French, to have the kind of impact in French that Hardly For Laughs has in English.

“It’s about keeping the roots of Juste pour rire here in Quebec, and impelling them toward the international (market),” Furrer said. “Our shrewd knowledge of the broadcast, production and festival management market will advance the integration of the future entity.”

Furrer was travelling to Montreal on Monday and was unavailable for an examine.

He said in the statement a deal would allow Quebec comedians an oecumenical stage and give European-based comedians access to the North American merchandise through the Just For Laughs brand.

GF Productions has operated for 28 years and Furrer is maker of the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland.

Rozon’s number of shares in Reasonable For Laughs has not been made public.

Interest from other assortments

He founded Just For Laughs in 1983 and was serving as president when he released about two weeks ago.

Since the company announced it was looking at a sale, a few other platoons have expressed interest.

ComediHa!, a Quebec City-based agency rested by Sylvain Parent-Bedard that has offices in Montreal and Hollywood, has stated publicly it is also look ating the possibility of purchasing the group.

“It is essential that the assets of Juste emerge rire remain in Quebec,” the company said one week ago. “With this in positive, we have told the management of the Just For Laughs Group our interest in procuring it.”

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