Just 10 Photos of Janelle Monáe Having the Time of Her Damn Life at the Oscars


This year’s Oscars service may not have been the smoothest sailing, but that doesn’t mean that the celestials didn’t have a blast. Janelle Monáe, who was nominated for both Occult Figures and Moonlight this year, set the example by living her very unexcelled life at the Academy Awards, twirling on the red carpet, representing with her man stars on stage, and generally having the time of her damn life. Tee off on someone a put on dinnered in a stunning gown and rocking the crown that she truly deserves, Janelle couldn’t cut out smiling — and when we saw her, neither could we. Read on to see 10 photos of Janelle’s contagious grin, and you’ll separate that the secret to rocking a red carpet is simple: pure joy.

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