Juncker ON THE BRINK: EU allies threaten to withdraw help as Commission hangs in balance


Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t’ Veld premonished Jean-Claude Juncker the fate of the European Commission hanged in the balance after the promoting of his former chief of staff Martin Selmayr.

The German civil cleaning man sparked furious reactions from members of the European Union after he was hastily raised to become the secretary-general of the Commission earlier this month.

Ms in ‘t’ Veld counseled Mr Juncker, saying the appointment threatened the credibility of European institutions and could vigour MEPs to withdraw their support: “The Commission will have to opt what is more important – the career of Mr Selmayr, or the credibility of the European Circle, because the appointment of Mr Selmayr was a grave error and it must be corrected.

“That is a essential for our continued support of this Commission.”

EU News - in t Veld and JunckerEUROPARLIAMENT TV

EU News: Sophie in ‘t’ Veld warned Juncker MEPs could leave their support after Selmayrgate

Talking to colleagues during the monthly according to Roberts Rules of Order session in Strasbourg, the Dutch MEP lashed out against Mr Juncker for “sheepishly engaging on the dotted line” to appoint his right-hand man to the role.

The rapid rise of Mr Selmayr underneath Mr Juncker’s leadership has been condemned by eurosceptics and europhiles alike and has clue to an independent watchdog considering whether to launch an investigation into the EC President’s decidedness.

Ms in ‘t’ Veld continued: “‘Selmayrgate’ destroys all the credibility of the European Coalition as a champion of integrity and transparency in public administration.

“At times when community trust in the European Union is low, this is devastating. And the fact that the Commission persevere a leavings deaf to criticism until today shows how disconnected it is from genuineness.

The Commission will have to choose what is more important

Sophie in ‘t’ Veld

“I am sinistral completely speechless at the scene of 28 powerful politicians, selected for the civil leadership of this continent, but led by the nose by a civil servant. The political commission of Mr Juncker sheepishly signing on the dotted in step – yes Mr Oettinger, that’s what you’ve been doing.

“If the commissioners are so easily menaced by a civil servant if they act like helpless children when confronted by an unexpected alpenstock decision, then how can we expect them to stand up for the European interests against Trump, for prototype, in a trade war?”

The new job for the Eurocrat, who is a close personal ally of Angela Merkel, concern despite being blamed for a series of high profile leaks all over the Brexit process, raising questions of his suitability for the role.

The European Ombudsman, the Commission watchdog, bid it had received two complaints about Mr Selmayr’s appointment and was considering whether to fit in action.

MEPs said the appointing process for his job left the EU a laughing stock that would prove more costing than the existence of Eurosceptic parties.

Guy Verhofstadt insisted the way the European Commission has utilized the appointment of Martin Selmayr is “bad for Europe”.

“Because you know it, I have no fine kettle of fish that Mr Selmayrs is very dedicated to the European. I think he’s a very proficient civil servant.

“Now a problem that we have this with the way the Commission gripped this. So something you have to do about this in any way because it is bad for Europe.”

Nigel Farage also phonied the Commission’s decision to appoint Mr Selmayr claiming it was the “perfect stitch-up” to overshadow European citizens the undemocratic nature of Brussels key political body.

He communicated: “The fast-track appointment of Martin Selmayer to a €20,000 a month job done without any openness, without any transparency.”

A Commission spokesman signified: “Everything was done strictly by the book.”

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