Julie From Friday Night Lights Is Playing a Lawyer Now and I Can't Handle It


Idol Source: NBC

See this precious girl who cares about the happiness of chickens? That’s Julie on Friday Twilight Lights. Aimee Teegarden played her from 2006 to 2011, and conceding that the show has been over for years, it’ll live on in our (full) hearts forever. Since Teegarden is, in truth, a professional actress, she has moved on to other roles, the latest of which is a setting on the new ABC show Notorious. The show premiered this week, and here she is in idiosyncrasy as Emery Whitehill.

Image Source: ABC

Our little Julie is all grown up! It makes perceive that Teegarden, who is almost 27 years old, is taking on more of age roles, but it still makes me long for the days when Julie was booming her car into mailboxes so she wouldn’t have to go back to school. (College can be uns ring.) Here’s to hoping Matt (Zach Gilford) makes a cameo this age.

Image Source: NBC

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