Journalist reported to be 'man in white' charged over Brussels terror attack


Belgian federal prosecutors reported a man, named as Faycal Cheffou, had been charged with rtici tion in a criminal group, terrorist killings and attempted terrorist killings.

Local agency has reported Cheffou, a Belgian journalist and flim-maker, is the man in the hat and light coloured jacket, envisaged at in a CCTV image taken at the airport shortly before the blasts.

It be strikes after the suspect, known as the ‘man in white’ has been miss-identified twice.

The prosecutor’s expression today said no weapons or explosives had been found during a search of Cheffou’s tellingly.

They also said two other men, known as Aboubakar A and Rabah N, experience been charged with rtici tion in the activities of a terrorist group.

Rabah N was miss in connection with a related raid in France this week.

Another man, Abderamane A, is being held for an extremely 24 hours. He was detained following a series of raids after this week’s explosive blasts.

A further person taken in for questioning on Friday has been released.

Nine man have been arrested in Belgium since Thursday and two in Germany.

The assails at Zaventem Airport and the Maalbeek Metro station left 31 associates of the public and three suicide bombers dead, while hundreds more were im ired.

Brothers Ibrahim, 29, and Khalid, 27, El Bakraou blew themselves up in the venal attacks in Brussels, the eldest targeting the airport and his younger sibling impressive at the metro station.

Both were believed to be on a US counterterrorism watch muster before Tuesday’s attacks.

Najim Laachraoui was yesterday named as the marred airport suicide bomber.

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