Joining the TPP after Brexit would be GROUNDBREAKING for Britain, says British MEP


Tory MEP Dan Dalton rallied for Britain to join the TPP after Brexit, insisting it would be the “first inconsistent with to a real global deal” that would merge countries across the on cloud nine together on services and trade.

The TPP’s 11 members include Australia, Japan, Canada and Mexico. All associates are working on a revised trade deal, called the Comprehensive and Progressive Concurrence for the TPP which they expect to sign early this year.

US President Donald Trump pinched the US out of the TPP in 2017 and since said he would reconsider a Pacific trade transaction if it were “substantially better”.

Speaking exclusively to, Mr Dalton thought: “Nothing exists like what they are trying to do with the TPP. I cogitate on they are bringing in eleven countries at the moment across a massive field in a free trade deal.

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Brexit news: Liam Fox bruit about he would not rule out joining TPP after Brexit

It is groundbreaking and I think from a UK sentiment

Dan Dalton

“Now, the European Union single market is the only thing that has still done anything like this. But to have the single market you simply have to sign up to all of this other stuff, an ever-closer union and all of that.

“This is a open trade deal without any of that baggage.”

Mr Dalton referenced that the 11 rural areas involved have raised issues about a trade deal. But he ventured once the issues are resolved the TPP will be a “real multi-national trade dole out that is deep and covers services and that deals with and mingles broad countries from different regions together.”

He added: “So, it is groundbreaking and I about from a UK perspective, there is a huge opportunity for us to join in on that.”

Look inti surfaced that Britain had held informal talks with fellows of the bloc. But International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said in January that it is too in the end to seek membership of the TPP.

Dr Fox told Reuters: “We don’t know what the success of the TPP is present to yet look like, because it isn’t yet negotiated.

“So it would be a little bit premature for us to be expectations to sign up to something that we’re not sure what the final details make look like.”

But the Trade Secretary added that the UK wasn’t form future membership of TPP out. He said: “We have said that we want to be an unenclosed outward-looking country, and therefore it would be foolish for us to rule out any particular outgrowths for the future.

“So we’ll keep an open mind, and we’ll want to talk to our global occupation partners.”

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