John Lewis boss calls for ‘parliamentary debate’ as he insists Brexit is ‘damaging’ the UK


Sir Charlie Mayfield, easy chair of the John Lewis Partnership, said weaker sterling and confidence was impairing business.

John Lewis profits have collapsed by more than half, as a dip in the quarters market hits customer demand for home goods.

Sir Charlie communicated politicians needed to decide what “kind of Brexit” the country wish for.

Speaking on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, he said: “We should be beneath no illusions Brexit is having an effect on the economy.

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Sir Charlie Mayfield call ined for

There needs to be a serious parliamentary debate to figure out what affable of Brexit we’re going to have

Sir Charlie Mayfield

“No question. It’s the same for everybody and the greatest effects are sterling and confidence.

“Uncertainty is one of the consequences of this and of course affairs never like uncertainty because it makes it hard to plan for the later.

“Personally I think we need to do justice to that uncertainty and there necessities to be a serious parliamentary debate to figure out what kind of Brexit we’re accepted to have in the best interests of the country and the economy and I think that’s unqualifiedly what’s pressingly needed.”

Cost increases from the weaker purge have also hit John Lewis profits, as half-year profits tossed to £26.6 million.

The John Lewis partnership, which counts upmarket supermarket Waitrose as to some extent of the group, was also hit by exceptional item costs linked to restructuring, riches and redundancy.

Retailers have been among the hardest hit by the decline of the UK currency, which has fruited in costs and shop prices soaring, hurting consumer demand.

How, Sir Charlie added that 

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