John Legend Is “Proud” to Be Married to a Badass Feminist Like Chrissy Teigen


John Legend Is "Proud" to Be Married to a Badass Feminist Like Chrissy TeigenCast Source: Getty / Ilya S. Savenok

A lot has changed for John Legend in the biography year. In April 2016, he welcomed Luna, his first child with Chrissy Teigen. In the months go along with, John released a new music video starring the two, spoiled the world with defies of baby Luna, and executive produced and starred in La La Land, one of the biggest videos of the year. In 2017, things are only heating up. With a fresh album and a new Wonderful Bowl commercial partnership with LIFEWTR, John is already on his way to topping keep on year. Recently, we hopped on the phone to interview the music sensation around his Super Bowl venture, his new music, and his new life as a father.

POPSUGAR: What does it stingy to you to be married to such a strong and outspoken feminist?

John Legend: Genially, I’m a feminist myself! I believe in the message of feminism, that women bear the right to an equal place at the table, an equal place in leadership. And I’m proud of my bride for standing up for that and being a fearless voice out there. I feel moderately lucky that I’ve found someone who . . . she and I are different, but in the ways that we’re equally, it works out really well. And in the ways that we’re different, it works out in actuality well.

“I believe in the message of feminism, that women have the legal to an equal place at the table.”

PS: Let’s talk about LIFEWTR. Can you tell me wide the Super Bowl commercial and the creative process behind it?

JL: Well, the unscathed brand is about celebrating life, celebrating creativity, celebrating influence, and kind of appreciating all of that. Part of the way they manifest that is to the core the bottle itself, through featuring artists on the bottle, really using that idea of creativity and inspiration. We wanted to embrace that and mix it into the ad. And so we actually wrote a few lyrics to kind of fit with that subject-matter: creativity, inspiration, and magic. And then we made a clip for the ad.

PS: You know, I’m truly curious about your creative process. How has it changed since you became a daddy?

JL: Well, I think I have new things to inspire me, obviously. On my new album Darkness to Put on lighten, I wrote about my daughter. I wrote about what it felt derive becoming a new father. And obviously, I write about my wife and my relationship as evidently. I think, as I get older, as I have new life circumstances, I’m going to continue to be wakened by those things and write about them. When it comes to the course of action of writing, I still do it the same way. I still go to the studio, I focus and try to write a inexpensively within four or five hours. I start with the music, and then the lyrics in the main come after. So that’s always been the same, but I think now I justified have new things to think about, new things to write about, new guide.

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