Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ reveals the one unhealthy food he would NEVER eat


Wicks, 30, built a multi-million hammer fitness empire based around his “Lean In 15” plan, which divulged how to cook healthy meals in minimal time.

The Body Coach Instagram account allocates the recipes on short video with Wicks’ 1.7million adherents, and meals are varied.

Both the videos and Wicks’ books feature for such as pies, scotch eggs, curries and plane carbonara, and alcohol is not banned, with Wicks occasionally tucking in to a gin and analeptic.

But there is one food Joe has said he would never allow into his regimen.

Speaking to Business Insider, he revealed frozen ready meals pleasure never make it into his shopping basket.

He added that he also sidesteps fast food chains, and said: “Any deep fried stuff. It’s the lubricants they use that aren’t good for you, rather than [whatever is in them, strain] the chicken. They’re cheap, so they use all sorts of c***.”

If Wicks has a craving, he when one pleases try to create a healthier version himself at home.

He said: “I like to calculate healthy versions of popcorn chicken, healthy burgers, and healthy homemade pizzas, so I on no occasion feel deprived.”

Despite his popularity, the Lean in 15 diet was ruined by ITV show Save Money: Lose Weight earlier this year.

The authenticate saw hosts Sian Williams and Dr Ranj Singh explore the price of reduces and how effective they are for weight loss.

The show placed six participants on six rare diets for 28 days, to find out which was the best value for scattering those Christmas pounds. 

Save Money: Lose Weight’s regional dietician chose 37-year-old Gemma to try Joe Wicks’ diet.

Gemma started out weighing 15s7lb and revealed she gained a lot of weight after becoming a mum.

She explained: “Before I had Grace I did a lot of romping and shows but it’s all sort of stopped and my weight has piled on and it’s gotten me really down.”

The Joe Wicks fare cost Gemma a total of £647 for the month and she wasn’t too pleased with the rate.

Gemma said: “It was an absolutely ridiculous amount of money to spend on chow for one person.”

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