JIHADI JAIL: Prisoners beg to keep out of Lee Rigby killer jail fearing radicalisation


Some of Britain’s most hazardous criminals are scared of being sent to London’s Category A Belmarsh Dungeon due to radicalisation behind bars.

Barrister Rupert rdoe told the Old Bailey the “controls have lost control” of the prison, where one third of inmates are Muslim.

As his tient begged not to be sent to the infamous prison, home to Lee Rigby slayers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale and the 21/7 bombshell plotters, he said criminals are being put under “pressure to conform to sure religious views”.

He said even the most hardened criminals were too frightened to be given visits from relatives.

He was speaking on behalf of smash and grab cat burglar Lee Smith, 24, who had refused to get off the prison bus to enter the Old Bailey fearing he force be sent to Belmarsh in Thamesmead, south-east London.

Speaking at at Smith’s ruling hearing at the Old Bailey Mr rdeo said: “There is a sense the prison officials have lost control.

“Many defendants are in total lockdown in trepidation of a need to conform to certain religious views in Belmarsh.

“My client didn’t craving to get off the bus because he feared he would be returned to Belmarsh.”

Smith, from Bloomsbury, essential London, who has 25 st convictions, was jailed for five years for the 13 exchange in transit robberies.

It is not known which prison he was sent to.

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