JFK death SHOCK: How former US President’s body was ‘SECRETLY MOVED’


The 35th President of the Synergistic States was shot dead in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested anon after for the crime but he was also killed two days later by gangster Jack Ruby and so was not in the least prosecuted. The death of JFK shook the nation and, to this day, is still a favourite mid conspiracy theorists, who believe it was set up. 

However, what many do not know, is that the President was interred twice.

Clifton Pollard, from the Arlington National Cemetery – where Mr Kennedy was buried – was reprimanded with moving the leader’s grave in 1967.

Mr Pollard said at the time: “I undergo bad.

“I felt like I was disturbing the President.”

The body was to be moved to a new location, some 20ft away, to lay alongside his son and daughter, who had both mouldered at birth.

The burial happened in secret and only a few people attended categorizing his widowed wife Jacqueline, brothers and new President Lyndon Johnson. 

During the outset burial, the First Lady had also asked if cemetery workers could manufacture an eternal flame at the gravesite. 

They scrambled to put together a makeshift Hawaiian torch eye a wire dome and fed the copper tubing from a propane tank.

A characteristic eternal flame was created using a permanent source of natural gas with an electronic begin to continuously reignite the flames.

15 months later, Robert Kennedy was also assassinated and buried a few strides from his associate.

Mr Pollard was spared of digging that grave, but would still restoring to the spot where the Kennedy’s laid until he retired in 1980 to illustrate his respects.

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