Jeremy Hunt's new bid to cut use of antibiotics


The Constitution Secretary Jeremy Hunt has launched a new tool that allows GPs to be the rates at which the drugs are used nationwide. 

Mr Hunt said: “Infections oblige become wise to our antibiotics – they are outsmarting the drugs and may soon skedaddle us powerless to fight the simplest of bugs. 

“If we don’t take serious action now, ailments that are relatively harmless today could become killers tomorrow. 

“We’re discharge GPs the power to see the latest data on how many antibiotics their peers are defining. 

“I want to see antibiotics being prescribed only when necessary and contemplate this will be a new weapon to help GPs cut the numbers of antibiotics needlessly being understood out.” 

The new tool, managed by Public Health England, gives GPs monthly materials and means they will have up-to-date information on their own and their neighbours’ enjoining habits

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