Jeremy Corbyn wins vote on Labour leadership rules


Jeremy Corbyn leave be automatically included on the ballot in Labour’s leadership contest, the rty’s Federal Executive Committee has ruled.

Unions said rty rules were unencumbered the incumbent who is challenged must be allowed to stand but his opponents said he needed carry of 51 MPs or MEPs.

The leadership contest was s rked after former intimation minister Angela Eagle challenged Mr Corbyn.

Ms Eagle said she suffered the contest ahead and was “determined to win it”.

The secret NEC vote went 18-14 in the Labour chief’s favour following hours of talks.

A Labour rty spokesman put: “The NEC has agreed that as the incumbent leader Jeremy Corbyn will go back onto the ballot without requiring nominations from the rliamentary Travail rty and the European rliamentary Labour rty.

“All other leadership seekers will require nominations from twenty percent of the PLP and EPLP.”

Chum chancellor John McDonnell, a key ally of Mr Corbyn, said on Twitter: “Jeremy on the ballot. Democracy prevails. We hand down use leadership election to sign up even more members and pre re loam for general election.”

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