Jeremy Corbyn sacks Labour’s Owen Smith over referendum call


Jeremy Corbyn has poked a shadow cabinet minister who broke ranks with official Swot Party policy to call for another EU referendum.

Owen Smith was beseeched to stand down as shadow Northern Ireland secretary by the Labour superior, after demanding a second vote after EU talks have bring to an ended.

He has been replaced by Rochdale MP and shadow housing minister Tony Lloyd.

Mr Smith said he would proceed with to “speak up” for what he called his “long-held views” on Brexit.

He said in a tweet that his perturbs about Brexit, which he outlined in a Guardian article, were allotted by other supporters and members of the Labour party.

Labour peer Lord Hain, a former Northern Ireland secretary, petitioned the sacking a “Stalinist purge” – and said Mr Smith was widely respected for his prove satisfactory on Northern Ireland.

Labour MP Anna Turley said Mr Smith’s departure was “discouraging” and he would be a loss to the front bench, while former cabinet evangelist Ben Bradshaw told Mr Smith he was “very sorry” to see him go.

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Mr Corbyn said his replacement, shadow emissary for housing, communities and local government Mr Lloyd, was “highly experienced”.

He voiced Mr Lloyd was “committed to ensuring that peace in Northern Ireland is continued”, as well as helping to steer the devolution deal “back on track”.

In the article, Mr Smith convened for Labour to back membership of the EU single market.

The Labour leader disclosed last month that the party wanted the UK to be a permanent member of a conventions union with the EU after Brexit.

But Mr Smith, who unsuccessfully challenged Mr Corbyn for the proponent leadership in 2016, insisted Labour needed to do more than “justifiable back a soft Brexit or guarantee a soft border in Ireland”.

He wrote: “If we asseverate on leaving the EU then there is realistically only one way to honour our obligations at the mercy of the Good Friday Agreement and that is to remain members of both the taxes union and the single market.”

Labour’s shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer has responded the party was “not calling for a referendum at this stage”.

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