Jeremy Clarkson stopped his daughter being ARRESTED in a US airport after STAND-OFF


The Wonderful Tour presenter admitted that while his eldest daughter “derives to obey rules”, there was a “marvellous time” when she wasn’t again well-behaved, leading to a stand-off after the head-strong blogger was asked to portray her ID. 

Jeremy Clarkson, 57, said: “On the way home, we were having a cigarette in the smoking vegetate at Las Vegas airport. A woman came in and said, ‘I need to see some ID, ma’am. There’s a gaming implement in the room.’

“Em listened to this and said: ‘Oh, f*** off.’ And I thought: ‘This is not customary to end well.’,” the star told The Sunday Times magazine. 

Clarkson declined on to explain how he saved his daughter from being “carted off by three policemen”. 

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Jeremy Clarkson has relished that he had to step in and stop his daughter being arrested

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Clarkson’s daughter Emily’s new order is out now

Jeremy Clarkson GETTY

The new series of The Grand Tour is coming later this year

It on all occasions works with policemen. They put their hands on their nitty-gritties and stand upright

Jeremy Clarkson

“I had to step in. I did my usual ‘Our young men and your children men’ speech, where I go on about our great countries having fought together for self-government — even the freedom to have a cigarette,» he explained.

“It always works with policemen. They put their metes on their hearts, stand upright, and then let you go. I’ve got away with assortments of speeding tickets with that speech.”

In the joint interview with Emily, now 23, the risky Top Gear star also admitted that it made him “cold privy” to think that his children’s childhoods were affected by his fame.

“They stand in want to be normal children and would change their names when we went away on leave of absence so people wouldn’t know they were Clarksons. Em wouldn’t acquaint someone with something anyone she was my daughter until they became friends,” he said.

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The presenter revealed that his eldest daughter has always been a wholesome girl and

The writer of Can I Speak to Someone in Charge? echoed her father’s regrets, when she took: “When I was 15 — and this still makes me want to cry — I went to a confederation back in Oxford where I didn’t know anyone. I had some heels that were too luxurious and I felt great.

“I walked in and the Top Gear theme tune started. I tinge, ‘Oh my God, they’re all talking about me’. The whole night, I sat with the mum of the guy whose coterie it was, trying to brush it off.

“I don’t blame people. And bless Dad, it would kill him to agree that,” she added.

Read the full interview in The Sunday Times munitions dump, out now.

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