Jennifer Ellison: My most memorable trip was when I got engaged in the Maldives


Jennifer Ellison and the MaldivesGETTY

Jennifer Ellison verbalizes her most memorable holiday was to the Maldives

She is married to Rob Tickle and has three boys, Bobby, seven, Harry, four, and Charlie three. 


When I got engaged in the Maldives. It was the best experience by any chance. I was 24 and I’d never seen a place that was so beautiful, it was just City of God. 

We didn’t have any children at the time so money was no object! 

We went snorkelling and steer to see blue whales. I’d never seen sea so blue or the light so bright. 


Benidorm. I have in mind it’s probably a great place now but we went when I was 19. There was a gaggle of us mesdemoiselles and it was the holiday from hell. 

I was in Brookside at the time so whenever we went to organizations they announced it on the PA. Nightmare. It was madness. 


The sand from the beach where my silence proposed to me in the Maldives. I keep it in a little jar in a box of keepsakes. A good memory. I get inflatables for the pool – a stringray, a great white shark and a crocodile but when I got to the airport I had to buy another suitcase to fit them all in. I worked out that they probably cost me £100 each. 

Win out over BOOK? 

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It gives you a very positive prospect on life. If you think positively you’ll attract positivity, if you think negatively you’ll pull negativity. I used to get up in the morning and let one negative thing get to me and then it would snowball the take a rest of the day. I read it and it really changed my whole outlook and my life began to change-over. 


I like to drink cocktails, favourites are daiquiris but mojitos are so grub. I like to sunbathe, I love snorkelling and sea fishing. I’m a bit of a fishing geek as a matter of fact and I’ve done sea fishing in the Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Tenerife and caught the big fish allied to trevally and marlin. I love Robson Green.


The Maldives but it’s at no time going to happen now. We’ve said this twice before! Probably Mauritius, where we got married. We situated a tree to commemorate the wedding there. I know it sounds mad but I left a wee name tag on it and I’d like to go back to see it just to make sure it’s not dead. It’s purposes all shrivelled up.


At Christmas we go to the Lake District, around Bowness-on Windermere. I enjoyment the feeling of the lakes, it’s all light and airy. 

We go fishing and for walks to country honky-tonks. It’s just about getting some fresh air and chilling out with the boys extremely. 

Jennifer Ellison will be appearing as Captain Hook in Peter Pan at the Winter Gardens Blackpool (0844 856 1111/ from Dec 16 to Jan 7, 2018.

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